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Bob and Tracy, Innkeepers

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Tracy met Bob in November of 2006. Nine months later, they were led to the end of Tilghman Island for the rendezvous planned for Tracy when he was three years old. Then, over the next three years, Bob learned about Tracy’s life and his relationship with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure. During this time Bob had humorous articles published, wrote a few ‘rehearsal books’, and drafted chapters of Tracy's story. In June of 2010, Bob and Tracy became the Innkeepers of Black Walnut Point Inn, and the real adventure began. Tracy and Bob began revitalizing the Inn, and two years later the couple was married legally.

Aside from running the bed and breakfast, Bob and Tracy knew their actual job was telling the story of how they got to live in such a heavenly place in the middle of the Chesapeake Bay. This was an unusual question, as neither Bob nor Tracy had any previous thought of running an Inn, and had no experience doing so. Tracy had also grown up in West Virginia, Bob had grown up in Maine, and neither had ever been to the Bay side of the Eastern Shore of Maryland. However, if anyone asked, even if they happened to drive to the end of the road (as often happens on the point), their job was to tell the story of how they got there.

Seven years later, Bob and Tracy seriously set about writing the story down. Starting when Tracy first met the Tall Shiny Silver Figure when He showed Tracy the picture book of his life, the story took on a life of its own. As Bob took notes, organized, and interpreted Tracy’s life experiences; more memories, lessons, and truths were revealed. Because the story of Tracy’s relationship with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure bridged forty years, the scope of the book grew, as did the characters and anecdotes. The result is Dual Citizen, which captures the humor, sorrow, and eventual triumph Tracy experienced in reaching the all-important page of the picture book he was shone when he was three, which vantage point looked from the end of the dock at Black Walnut Point Inn.

By design, the story of Tracy and his relationship with the Tall Shiny Silver Figure prompts questions, and a need for more clarification than the book can hold within its pages. So Tracy and Bob also started the podcast of Dual Citizen. It contains introductions to each chapter by Tracy, and the audio book is read by Bob. Try it out, and if you like it, please tell someone about it and join the conversation: Dual Citizen - The Podcast, or clicking the link below. The podcast is also available on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.  The trilogy of Dual Citizen: The ConnectionThe Training and The Arrival are available on Amazon in print, on Kindle and Dual Citizen: The Connection is available on Audible.

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