Try this: Drive to the end of the world, which is past the drawbridge, naval radar station and bird sanctuary, and then finally reveal your private cabin lined with knotty cedar that displays a bouquet of roses and box of chocolates. You can call Debbie at Swan Cove Flowers who will deliver your order so they will be in your room when you arrive. For sweets, place your order with Pat at St. Michaels Candy Shopppe a few days before you arrive, and we will pick them up and place them under your bouquet. Other options include secretly booking rooms for relatives or long-lost friends to surprise that special someone with a birthday weekend, or anniversary gathering with a house-full of family.

Private In-Room Massage*

Black Walnut Point Inn is connected with licensed massage therapists you can book during your stay. Whether in a cabin overlooking the river in front of the fire or in the Tilghman or Bay rooms in the 1840's house, scheduling a session is easy. Because of space, this service is not available in the Talbot room or Attic Hideaway. Feel free to call us to arrange an appointment during your stay, or you can contact our main therapist directly at Body Aware Medical Massage and Bodywork Clinic

*You will also receive 20% Off if you book at least 2 weeks in advance.
Other Local Businesses    
Tilghman Island has a delightful array of one-of-a-kind stores and restaurants all within minutes of the Inn. You can enjoy the wine tastings at the Tilghman Island Country Store  every Friday at Five or great homemade dinners and baked goods at Two If By Sea Cafe, among the many restaurants on the island. For being at the end of the world, the island offers all you need to get away and stay away from the fray!
Black Walnut Point Inn reservations         
Black Walnut Point Inn  4417 Black Walnut Point Road  Tilghman Island, MD  21671