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Bob and Tracy, Innkeepers

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Tracy was born in Charleston, West Virginia, but spent his elementary years in Washington, DC. The summer after sixth grade he announced to his mother that he was moving back to West Virginia to live with Granny and Moody, his grandparents, which he did. Just so you know, they called his grandfather Moody (his actual last name) because he was. It was in West Virginia that Tracy watched Granny scare Moody with plastic snakes, ate squirrel and learned home remedies such as sugar and turpentine for chest congestion. But in high school Tracy designed one of the first car alarms, which landed him an internship with IBM for the next few summers, which consequently led him to NC State to study electrical engineering.


Since then Tracy has traveled the world inspecting nuclear submarines and power

plants, and later inspected buildings and systems for Y2K compliance. All the

while he became an oracle of Oracle Financial Systems, working as a consultant and manager in IT. For fun, Tracy has been a dedicated student and practitioner of Kung Fu, particularly Hung Ga, which you wouldn’t guess from his infectiously jovial self. In fact, Tracy has many life-long friends with whom he keeps in contact, not to mention his hysterical cousins, some of which are actual relations, which is likely to happen to you once you meet him.

The vision of Black Walnut Point Inn was given to Tracy when he was 3 years old. At the age of 12, he painted the vision in art class. At the age of 41, God guided us here and here we are. For the full story come stay with us, and we can show you how we are truly living life on purpose, and stay tuned for the upcoming book!

Bob was born in New Jersey but moved to Maine when he was eight. He attended Ithaca College where he learned to cook in a French restaurant while washing dishes. He taught music for 20 years, conducted the Bach Society of Baltimore and produced their annual Madrigal Feasts. In his spare time he owned a bar, ran a doctor’s office, and was amused when American University students called him Professor Zuber – the nickname given to him in junior high school, mostly because he wore big square 70’s glasses and sucked at lay-ups. Now he writes, gardens, cans, and loves living at Black Walnut Point Inn with his perfect spouse.

Black Walnut Point Inn  4417 Black Walnut Point Road  Tilghman Island, MD  21671